The season of Izindlubu

The Manguzi soil is far different from other areas in KwaZulu-Natal, and every season has its great things and food.
In this season the community harvest ‘Izindlubu’ known by Bambara Groundnut.

This type of food crop is mostly cultivated in the West Africa.

Hi @Elmon, keep up your incredible posts. I am learning so much!

Is this the same as described in this link?

I would like to try this, are there any restaurants in Kosi Bay who are preparing local foods like this? I think tourists would like to see these hidden gems.

Thank you @dnk8n. Yes, are the same on the link, but the ones on the link are dried ones but it depends on you if you enjoy the dried ones or weat ones. About the restaurants which prepare food like this in town I’m not sure, but i can try and find out, the one I posted here my wife prepared them :smiley:, but it does not require a lot of effort to prepare them just a few minutes of your time to boil them :smiley:.

Maybe we should try organise a Kosi Tribe event where we prepare as many of the local foods of Kosi Bay!

That would the greatest idea @dnk8n, and it could work perfectly.

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