[Experiment] Manguzi to Dog Point

In this post I demonstrate a procedure that might easily let us share our routes with each other

1.) Navigate to plotaroute’s routeplanner
2.) Set ‘Map type’ to ‘Satellite Map’
3.) Manually plot points from your origin, over the roads and sand tracks visible on the satellite image, to your destination.
4.) Download in GPX format

Here is a GPX file of the route from Manguzi to Dog Point (7.9 KB) that I did myself.

5.) Go to the My Maps section of Google Maps and create a new map (you will import your GPX file from the steps above)

Here is a link to the Google Map of the route from Manguzi to Dog Point

Tip from this article on lifewire:

If you have an Android device, you may want to check out the Google My Maps app available for Android. My Maps also looks and works great in mobile web browsers, so if you have an iOS device and don’t have access to the desktop web, you can try visiting google.com/mymaps in Safari or another mobile browser of your choosing.

I have not yet tested this. Feedback is welcome. I will report my experiences below when I get to try this.