Dean, software developer from Cape Town. I would like to encourage all members to introduce themselves here

Hi everyone,

I moved from Cape Town to Manguzi at the end of December 2018 with my partner, @ChardeG, who is a radiographer at Manguzi Hospital.

Although I only plan to live here until December 2019, Kosi Bay is starting to feel like home to me. While @ChardeG is working at the hospital, I am at home working on software projects. Most of my work is done through the internet for companies in Cape Town.

If you don’t know what career you are interested in, try research programming in the Python programming language. It is a very up-to-date language with many companies needing people who have those skills.

Feel free to message me and ask me questions. I am always interested in helping others learn.

Other than my work, I enjoy travelling, going to music festivals, chilling on the beach, snorkelling, the list goes on. I am interested in getting a diving qualification from Sodwana Bay. I ride a Kawasaki KLR650 motorbike, and need to take it to some adventurous locations.

I am interested in organising some cultural community events and learning as much about Kosi Bay culture while I am here.

Please get in touch with your ideas. Together we can make them happen!


Wow, I like the kind of spirit you have, especially in helping other and sharing the ideas.
When it comes to programming that’s the kind of thing I like, but I only have a bit of knowledge in HTML and CSS but I’m willing to learn more.

If you want to learn something really cool to extend your HTML and CSS skills (I don’t really know HTML or CSS and I was still able to follow), look at Elm.

Elm is very good into as a first language. It has such friendly help information for when you go wrong.

If you try it and get stuck, feel free to chat about it here (We can start a programming hobbies group here on Kosi Tribe).

Wow! Thanks a lot, I’m willing to give a try, and indeed yes we can start something great a group of programming. Thanks for your kindness @dnk8n