Competition time: First 3 replies to this post get a free advert for their business on the front page

  • Advert will be valid until end of July 2019
  • Extension of 1 month for each new member invited to from now until Friday, 7 June 2019 (to qualify for extension you both have to have submitted an introduction. New member has to confirm that you invited them)

it's on!

Any questions, feel free to ask!

Invitation link please!

Count @Bambamanzi in if you please!

Hi Elmon,

I recorded instructions on how to invite someone.

Hope it helps

@Elmon and @Bambamanzi

I will be in contact to setup an advert. Part of this promotion is because I am testing out ideas and learning how best to serve adverts here. So it may take a few weeks to get it just right.

Keep it simple for starters, a picture, some text and a link to your own website, social media, etc.

More sophisticated HTML is possible but you will be responsible for creating that. I will try my best to support you.

I am on holiday until 18 June. Will be in touch around then to take care of the adverts.

Competition now closed.